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About MV Scioly

What is MV Scioly?


We are a student-run network made up of Monta Vista High School students participating in Science Olympiad competitions across the state. We have three teams (Purple, White, Gold) in which members compete in various invitational, regional, and state-level competitions throughout the year. Through study sessions, competitions, team dinners, and social events, MV Scioly is the perfect place to establish new friendships and join a family.

How does it work?


In September and early October, students that are interested will be introduced to and guided through Science Olympiad content. Members will then go through a screening process and be sorted into teams. Once members are put into teams, they will begin preparing for their respective events at group study sessions and club meetings.


Throughout the entire process, members will be mentored by event captains as well as experienced competitors in every event. There is constant collaboration across all three teams during event preparation, which has led to both a fantastic learning environment and repeated competitive success.


Tournaments consist of 23 different events which cover a diverse spectrum of topics, demanding expertise in fields such as environmental science, physics, biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, and computer science. All teams will have a chance to compete at various invitationals in January, as well as Santa Clara Regionals in March. In April, we compete in the Northern California Science Olympiad State Finals. 

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